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optimise return shipments and solve warehouse sorting and inspection issues.

8 October 2021

RAJA x SHOPRUNBACK | How can packaging optimise the order return process?

A guide to dedicated return packaging How can you improve the “return experience” for your customers? If “better packaging” wasn’t in your top 3 answers to […]
8 October 2021

RAJA x SHOPRUNBACK | How can you improve your return policy for bulky items?

80% of heavy/bulky products returned to retailers are damaged by the time they arrive! So how can you establish a returns policy which looks after your […]
8 May 2021

RAJA x SHOPRUNBACK | Structuring reverse logistics: the key questions to ask yourself

Should customers have to pay for returns? What return options do you want to offer? What about reimbursement? … Questions that will need to be addressed […]
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