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14 March 2023

Two aspects of effective return strategy: customer interaction and data collection

At ShopRunBack, we carefully consider many aspects of a return journey to ensure that product returns are handled effectively. One of them is the interaction between […]
22 February 2022

7 (good) reasons to stop putting prepaid return labels in your parcels

Prepaid returns labels have no need to be in your e-commerce parcels : Inserting prepaid labels into every parcel is common practice for many online retailers. […]
19 December 2021

How to choose your Reverse Logistics partner?

ShopRunBack gives you the five most important criteria you need to choose your reverse logistics partner. In online retail, returns management has become a critical factor […]
8 October 2021

RAJA x SHOPRUNBACK | How can packaging optimise the order return process?

A guide to dedicated return packaging How can you improve the “return experience” for your customers? If “better packaging” wasn’t in your top 3 answers to […]
8 October 2021

RAJA x SHOPRUNBACK | How can you improve your return policy for bulky items?

80% of heavy/bulky products returned to retailers are damaged by the time they arrive! So how can you establish a returns policy which looks after your […]
8 May 2021

RAJA x SHOPRUNBACK | Structuring reverse logistics: the key questions to ask yourself

Should customers have to pay for returns? What return options do you want to offer? What about reimbursement? … Questions that will need to be addressed […]
8 May 2021


Pretty soon, a flawless product return experience will be every bit as important as smooth delivery. That’s our firm conviction. We’ve compiled a few figures below […]
10 April 2021

Returns management in the fashion and textile sector: maintaining the customer experience with Covid-19

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the impacts on the logistics of returns in the fashion and clothing sector? In France, online fashion accounts for 14% […]
7 April 2021

Return policy – How is the French TOP 50 dealing with the Covid-19 crisis?

Return policy – How the French TOP 50 is coping with the COVID-19 crisis? The crisis of the new coronavirus that the world is going through […]
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