It’s ready to go !

The new Prestashop module to help you better manage your e-commerce returns is now available to download and you can test it right now!

The ShopRunBack Prestashop module allows you to offer a full returns experience to your customers by offering multiple local solutions and allowing you to manage returns from any country in Europe, whether you offer free returns or not.

In practice the ShopRunBack module for Prestashop appears on all orders that have been delivered.

Shoprunback BO Prestashop

The client receives a link which allows them to carry out their return directly from their order in their customer area. The customer is then redirected to the ShopRunBack interface which can be personalised with the retailer’s logo and customized according to their return policy. 

Whether you want to improve customer experience, centralise returns for all countries or better manage your reverse logistics operations, if you use Prestashop the ShopRunBack Prestashop module is made for you.

If you would like a demo or you have any questions about the module, contact us here. You can also find all technical information on our page made for developers.

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