Etam x ShopRunBack

During the last Plug and Play Brand & Retail Europe Demo Day, which took place on June 10, 2021 in Paris, we had the opportunity to present our collaboration with the ETAM Group.

This was an opportunity for us to explain and present the implementation and collaboration of our ShopRunBack solution with the Etam Group (Etam – Undiz – Maison 1.2.3).

From the beginnings to the deployment, through the implementation and the challenges, discover our exchange with Martin Souriau, Etam e-commerce Director, on these months of partnership, exposing our feedback, the first results of this collaboration and the next steps to come 🚀

You will discover in this video:

– Our accompaniment on the TRY NOW AT HOME offer and project / Buy Now Pay Later – BNPL (Discover the Etam offer);
– The accompaniment and management of package returns for consumers ;
– The implementation of our parcel return solutions: in-store, at the post office, in a Relay Point;
– The improvement of the Customer Experience within the framework of an e-commerce parcel return;
– The collaboration between Startup and Large company;

🎥 Watch the replay (Etam x ShopRunBack > 59min40s)

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