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A strong global network of warehouses to get your products back into the market and recover maximum value

Reverse Logistics Services

Our broad range of added value reverse logistics services helps you to optimize the reverse process, greatly reducing the time it times to refund the customer and get the product ready to be sold again.

For low-value items we carry out basic checks to ensure that the customer has returned the declared item and the correct quantity, so you can carry out the refund as soon as possible.

Essential Check

Get the key information you need to refund your customer

Quality Control

Get resellable items quickly back onto the market

Not all returned items are immediately resellable. Local quality checks mean that we can quickly separate immediately resellable goods and get them back onto the market. Upload photos and generate your own quality control process within our software. All operational processes are managed through the same software, giving you to same quality of service, globally possible.

Thanks to a complex configuration routes between different destinations, our software will automatically calculate the most cost-effective return destination for the item according to its grading.

Intelligent Rerouting

Let us do the calculations for you


Optimize transportation costs

To bring down the return shipping cost per item, parcels are consolidated at local warehouses and bulk shipments arranged to a range of destinations according to predefined rules.

Want to know more about our services?

Our reverse logistics solutions are

Cost Effective

Bringing down the cost with our well established carrier links


Offering you the best solution for each product through our software


Giving you the flexibility to adapt your strategy and returns policy

Fully Tracked

Ensuring that both you and the customer know exactly where the product is 24/7

Embrace green reverse logistics

Efficiently managing your return is not only good for your business, it is also good for our Planet. Providing local return addresses, sorting, and consolidating locally optimizes your entire reverse logistic process.You save on expensive international shipping, increase return to stock rate and decrease product waste. The closer to your customer, the sooner you gather information on your return, the faster you are giving it a second life and the greener your reverse logistics process.