If you are a keen follower of the latest news about e-commerce, startups and accelerators, you have undoubtably heard of The Warehouse by Cdiscount.

We were pleased to be selected to join the accelerator in the first group of start-ups and we are very proud to be part of this project.

We wanted to share our experience about the launch of this project and to tell you what it’s like to be part of a project with such a great company.

Let’s start with an introduction to The Warehouse by Cdiscount.

The purpose of the The Warehouse accelerator by Cdiscount is to encourage the emergence of start-ups in the fields of logistics and supply chain and to foster the industrialisation of their products and services by working closely together in a real operational context, and offering advice on areas such as working conditions, environmental concerns or customer satisfaction.

The idea is to carry out a 6 month Test & Go period in order to demonstrate the added value of the startup for Cdiscount with the aim of a longer term collaboration to help implement their market development.

In practice, Cdiscount allows its teams to take the time to help the startups and an office and warehouse test zone has been allocated for tests.

In this first group of start-ups, we are alongside EZ-Wheel, Ecobot, HRV et NoMagic.AI each of these companies are working to transform the logistics and supply chain of Cdiscount.

ShopRunBack is working with the Cdiscount team to manage the returns of 30Kg+ products with the aim of improving the Cdiscount customer experience and also looking at ways to reduce the environmental impact of this complex logistics process. A range of services are being developed to meet these challenges: pick-up at the customer’s home, repacking, quality check using a network of regional warehouses.

Opening ceremony

We had the opportunity to present our project alongside the other selected companies during the opening ceremony of The Warehouse by Cdiscount which took place on 15th June.

A number of high profile attendees were present at the ceremony including Alain Rousset, Président from the Conseil régional de Nouvelle-Aquitaine who cut the ribbon and met with every start-up. His enthusiasm for innovation was tangible in his speech and further reinforced our desire to continue the partnership with CDiscount in the Nouvell-Aquitaine region.

Pierre-Yves Escarpit, who I would like to thank for his support, organized a programme of presentations and discussions with visitors and journalists.

Emmanuel Grenier concluded the presentations, reminding us of the main missions and ambitions of the accelarator and the commitment of Cdiscount to working conditions and environmental concerns.

In short, a fantastic day meeting great people.

We would like to thank all the Warehouse by Cdiscount team with Vincent Valloir and all of the Cdiscount team who are involved in the project (it’s a big team) and of course Pierre-Yves Escarpit and Emmanuel Grenier who believed in our project and helped make it happen.

For more information about the ceremony, you can follow these links: AQUI, La Tribune, Stratégies Logistique, L’usine Digitale, SupplyChain Magazine, LSA, Voxlog, ECN and Les Echos.

We’ll tell you more about our returns solution for bulky and heavy products, coming soon!

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